Libby and Elle argue

Dan is finally pushed over the edge by the interaction he witnessed earlier between Libby and Lucas and, as a result, rejects Libby. Libby fears she will never be able to reach him, prompting Lucas to put aside his own feelings to push Libby and Dan back together. Desperate and upset, Libby lashes out at Elle, and a fight breaks out between the girls, resulting in Elle tipping a bucket of compost over Libby’s head. Libby ends up confessing as to why she ended up with Lucas – but a furious Dan overhears her revelation and decides to end their engagement.

The teens struggle to cope with a school assignment that sees them become parents for a day to some very life-like babies. The exercise really puts their relationships to the test and challenges their sense of themselves and what they want out of life. Donna finds a new identity when she becomes mother to Ringo’s baby, and it inspires some risky behaviour.

Ty helps Rachel understand that mothering comes from the heart and not the head, but when she realises she wants to get back together with Ty, she is left disappointed when he is in no mood to give her a second chance.

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