Susan keeps looking nervously at the front door. She’s clearly on edge, despite claiming to be OK. Libby and Zeke are fed up with waiting for the police to investigate. They leave Toadie looking after Susan and head out to do some investigating of their own.

They check Susan’s phone and realise she received a text when she was hiding in the loos at uni. They head to the lecture theatre and wait for what would have been Susan’s tutorial. They call the number. One of Susan’s fellow students answers, but have they actually found their culprit? When a chocolate cake is delivered addressed to Susan, the plot thickens.

Zeke and Libby approach Susan’s tutor, John Bradley, for help. They want some info on Susan’s classmates, but he doesn’t want to break any privacy laws. He gives them a lift in his car and Susan sees them. She’s seen that car before…

Lyn’s feelings for Terry are starting to grow, when he’s unexpectedly offered a job on a cruise ship. Not wanting to give up on their budding romance, he asks Lyn to come too. At first delighted, Lyn is then forced to do some soul searching. Will she break her friend’s heart?

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