Libby’s wedding plans are in chaos. Steph is convinced she has accidentally cursed Libby’s wedding by trying on the ring. When the invitations arrive with Libby’s name misspelled, it’s the final straw and the girls take action to reverse the curse by entering a wicca circle and performing a ceremony! Will they undo the curse before it’s too late?

Bridget’s friends are by her side at the clinic but she can’t admit that what she really wants is Declan. Meanwhile, Declan finally heads home after a baby wombat found in the bush ignites his fatherly instincts. Donna buys time as Rachel tries to convince Bridget not to make any decisions about her future while she is upset with Declan.

Bridget doesn’t believe Declan wants anything to do with her and the baby but Declan proves her wrong when he finally shows up, claiming he does want to be a father and will stand beside her every step of the way. However, Miranda arrives with plans of her own, she believes Bridget needs her family more than Declan after he abandoned her.

Callum’s read-in publicly demonstrates what a great teacher Kelly is and Kelly gets her job back. But Toadie and Kelly decide to go their own ways, as Toadie cements Callum as his number one priority.

*Michaela Bannas plays Libby Kennedy this week*

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