Libby bumps into Doug

Libby is finding it hard to stop thinking about what went wrong with her date with Doug. Just as she is tucking into a burger she bumps into Doug and Nurse Jodie returning from what appears to be a lunch date. Libby is embarrassed and doesn’t realise she has tomato sauce on her chin! Later, she vents to Steph and Toadie, vowing that she wants nothing to do with Doug. They both see through her facade and convince her to call and arrange another date. But they’re unaware they are setting Libby up with Steph’s Doctor, someone who knows the truth about Steph’s conception date.

Donna tells Karl that she is going to cancel the DNA test but he tells her it’s too late and the results are back. However, he points out she can return the results unopened. Donna has a change of heart and opens the envelope alone. Will Donna get the result she hopes for?

Having given in and arranged another date with Doug, Libby quizzes him about his past. When Doug gets a call from the hospital, Libby puts two and two together and soon realises that he is Dr Doug Harris and the man on the other end of the phone is her dad, Dr Karl!

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