Dan is hurt when he realises that Libby doesn’t trust him with Sam. Libby feels she can’t compete with what Sam has to offer and breaks the news to Ben that the wedding is off, but only temporarily. Ben is hurt and lashes out by moving in with his grandparents. Susan tells Libby to sort herself out.

Sam maintains her claims that her timing was purely coincidental, until Lucas confronts her. Although he told her about the wedding, he didn’t know she would try to sabotage it and knows exactly what her game is. However, Sam tells Lucas that if he blows the whistle on her, Dan will also suspect that Lucas was in on the plan to sabotage the wedding, to get Libby back! Sam tries to comfort a heartbroken Dan, but her disappointment is evident when Libby lays claims to her man.

Zeke feels left out of the group as all his friends are in relationships. When he overhears a phonecall between Harold and Karl Zeke’s fears resurface about Karl’s health and he demands Harold tell him what is going on. Shocked to learn of Harold’s illness, Zeke lashes out at the world and starts taking risks of his own.

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