Libby commits herself to Dan

With Ben sick in hospital, Libby blames herself for not putting him first. Keeping vigil, Libby hears Ben calling for his dad, leading Libby to worry that she may be pushing Dan on to Ben too soon. However, Steph sees it differently, Ben doesn’t want to see his mum alone and miserable, he needs a father-figure!

Steph tells Libby to snap out of whatever it is that is stopping her from committing to Dan and Libby finally concedes. In a heartfelt conversation, they both confirm they want to be in each other’s lives. But when Libby asks Dan to move in with them, fear overcomes him.

Donna and Ringo share their true feelings in a movie moment when they kiss under an umbrella in the rain. Things between them heat up when they seek privacy in Ringo and Zeke’s room, but when Ringo backs out saying he wants it to be special, Donna just sees rejection and calls it a night.

The next day in The General Store, the girls tell Donna about Ringo’s romantic history, including his moment with Carmella. Donna’s green-eyed monster comes out when she sees the two of them having an intimate moment and she jumps to the wrong conclusions, resulting in a very public confrontation.

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