Libby is challenged by Lucas to let go of her fears and get back on a motorbike. Lucas is keen to pursue things with Libby but breaks things off when he realises she has unresolved feelings for Dan. Later, Libby is stunned when she walks in on a fight between Dan and Lucas and learns they are brothers. Furious, she tells Dan she is not a toy for them to fight over and tells him his behaviour is inexcusable.

Unable to see a way forward financially, Angus suggests to Rachel that they sell their story to the paper, with Rachel giving the interview. Meanwhile, Paul persuades a reluctant Elle to interview Rachel. At the interview, Rachel breaks down in tears as she discusses how happy she is and how lucky she feels being with Angus. But she clearly has some issues with the relationship which she is not letting on.

Declan decides to reciprocate Bridget’s commitment to him and get a tattoo of her name. Bridget is impressed by his bravado but he ends up fainting before the tattoo artist gets started.

Also, Elle and Carmella fight after Elle is roped in to helping Carmella at the General Store.

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