Libby deals with the past

Libby and Steph return to Shepparton so Libby can finish packing up her things and make the permanent move back to Ramsay Street. But Libby is forced to face up to her painful past when she bumps into Darren’s mistress Lynda. After talking to an apologetic Lynda, Libby manages to find a way to put the past behind her, helped by Steph’s insistence that they hit the town and party.

Despite Valda’s advice, Steph decides not to tell Toadie that her divorce from Max has become final, distracting herself by taking Libby away for the weekend. Meanwhile, Toadie is shocked when he later comes across the divorce papers and is puzzled when Valda reveals that Steph didn’t want him to see them.

Steve pushes Bridget to give up the walking aid, and enlists the help of a kangeroo called Pouch from a wildlife sanctuary to give Bridget some confidence. After encouragement from Steve and the wildlife sanctuary staff, a delighted Bridget successfully manages to walk again for the first time without her aid.

Also, Paul and Rebecca worry about Elle’s frame of mind.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday May 5*

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