Sickened that Lucas and Dan are brothers, and feeling betrayed that no one told her, Libby turns to Steph for support. Steph encourages the hurt Libby to get on with her life, and Libby decides to shut the door on both Fitzgeralds. Meanwhile, the newly-promoted Dan is dealing with the Parent Teacher Interviews. But when Dan tries to suspend Rachel for cheating on her assignment, fired up Libby warns Dan against turning his jealous pride against her family.

The Ramsay Street residents are surprised to read Rachel’s newspaper interview in which she pleads for everyone to accept she and Angus’s love for each other. Rachel feels uncomfortable and annoyed that the front page piece wasn’t the story she told Elle. But Paul reworked the piece, which has left Susan devastated. As Angus uses the article as justification to no longer hide, his inappropriate arrival with Rachel at the Parent Teacher Interview’s sparks an uproar.

Miranda and Steve agree to present a united front for Bridget’s PTI. Bridget is feeling wary about her parent’s apparent truce, but she’s hiding a guilty secret of her own…

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