Libby gets a nasty surprise on her birthday

Libby is rattled on her 18th birthday when she gets a card from her dad Owen but she keeps it secret from Denise. Libby is snappy with Darren when he tells her about his birthday surprise for her. Libby later confesses to Darren that Owen has sent her a card and she’s worried that he’s out of prison. Libby answers the door and finds her gran Liz who has come to tell her that Owen wants to see her…

Zainab and Amira argue over the arrangements for the engagement party. Amira asks Christian for his help, much to Syed’s dismay and Syed tells Christian to stay away from the engagement party. Syed and Amira meet with the Imam and Syed awkwardly promises to be a good husband. Christian is sick of Syed’s hypocrisy and he tells Amira he’ll be attending their engagement party after all.

Ronnie meets Roxy for a drink in the Vic. Peggy returns home and asks a confused Ronnie about her ‘new man’. A guilty Roxy has to explain to Ronnie why she lied to Peggy but Ronnie realises that it’s not the worst of Roxy’s betrayal when she discovers that Roxy has helped Archie return to the Square.

Also, Ryan rents a room from Janine.

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