Libby has a date!

Hoping to ‘casually’ bump into the tall, dark, handsome stranger she argued with over the parking space last week, Libby hangs around at Ben’s dance lessons. Libby suddenly feels very foolish and desperate. However, that changes when he asks her out on a hot date! Playing it cool, she agrees to the date. Will a nervous Libby go through with it?

Donna tells Zeke she is going to tell Nick the truth about who she is. When Nick arrives for their meeting Donna tells him that she isn’t called Kelly, and that she is Donna Freedman. When Donna says she believes Nick is her father he is stunned at her revelation and walks out of the store.

Later, Nick apologises to Donna for how he reacted and explains that her mum was a lot of fun and that is all he wanted back then because football was his life. He tells her that when Cass told him she was pregnant he didn’t handle it very well and admits that he didn’t feel ready to be a father. Following a big fight with Cass he walked out. When he did come to his senses, he was told to leave as Cass was now with Matt. Nick tells Donna he has something to show her.

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