Libby is angry that Lucas is Best Man

Elle gives Lucas the cold shoulder after catching him drooling over Libby’s photos when she drops by to surprise him. When Paul gives Lucas some good advice on how to get Elle back, Lucas decides to give it one more shot. Lucas asks her to put her trust in him because he’s ready to put the past in the past and move forward with her.

Libby is shocked when Dan asks Lucas to be his Best Man. Taking matters into her own hands she asks Lucas to back out of Dan’s offer – but Lucas is adamant he will fill the shoes of Best Man and asks Libby if her problem is that she’s not over him yet!

Dan stands his ground when Libby asks him to reconsider having his brother and her former lover standing next to them at the altar. Furious, Libby tells her fiance that if Lucas is standing beside them at their wedding then she won’t be there!

Also, Donna puts doubts in Rachel’s head about Ty’s commitment to their relationship and talks Rachel into following him when he starts acting suspicious. As Donna suspected, they find Ty in the arms of another woman!

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