Libby is stunned by Susan’s offer

Libby is stunned by Susan’s offer of surrogacy, and turns her down. However, after discussing the pros and cons with Dan, Libby comes to see that having a baby with Dan is what she wants. The couple accept Susan’s offer, inadvertently ambushing oblivious Karl with the news. Although he covers it in front of Dan and Libby, he blasts Susan for putting him in an impossible position. Susan fires back that Karl owes her this moment for all the grief and betrayal he’s put her through over the years.

In the wake of Paul being cleared of murder, Lucas hopes that his relationship with Elle will go back to normal. Steph encourages him to make a special effort to reassure her that he’s still there for her and Lucas does a surprisingly good job of playing the supportive boyfriend. However, Lucas can’t shake his underlying need for excitement and sneaks off to hustle a dangerous looking gang of bikers.

Kate, Will and Sophie scatter their mother’s ashes but angry Will can’t find any sense of closure. With no one to blame for his mother’s death, he struggles to find an outlet for his grief. He explodes at Kate, but Sophie helps him see that he’s being selfish.

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