Libby returns to school, determined to face the world head on. But pushed to breaking point, Libby takes her hurt out on Summer, coming painfully close to doing something she’ll regret. When Michael sees Libby taking her anger out on Summer, he tells her to go home and look after herself.

Trying to escape with Doug after work, a tense Libby runs into Michael and Lucas playing pool. Libby joins the guys and hits the beers. With an emotional Libby feeling the effects of the beer she lashes out at Doug. The situation comes to a head when Libby shouts at Doug for not telling her the truth about Steph’s pregnancy. Doug tries to explain the need for patient confidentiality but Libby is not interested, adamant he should have told her to spare her the humiliation she has suffered. Hardening her heart against future hurt, Libby only makes her situation more unbearable and Doug walks away.

Sensing Declan’s distance and worried she and her friends could make the same mistakes Steph and Toadie did, Donna initiates a truth-telling session. The session turns serious when discussing what they’d have done if they were in Steph and Toadie’s shoes. Declan insists he’d do everything to protect Rebecca and India, because family comes first and then there is everyone else. Kate’s visibly upset and storms out.