Daniel tries to open up to Libby about a secret in his past, but she is afraid to analyse where their relationship is heading and asks him to give her space. But Daniel is determined to come clean, and reveals to a stunned Libby that he’s actually a married man.

Despite pledging their commitment to each other, Marco and Carmella’s relationship is challenged when Oliver announces that he is filing for sole custody of Chloe. Outraged, Carmella and Marco try to persuade Oliver to change his mind, but he is determined to get what he wants.

Later, Carmella worries even more that Oliver could pose her a real threat, when Rebecca tells Carmella that Oliver is moving back home to get his life in order,

Over at the school camp, Ringo confesses his feelings to Bridget, but she lets him down gently. Meanwhile, Zeke and Taylah consider taking their relationship to the next level, but they are unsure whether they’re ready for it. Bridget covers for a humiliated Rachel when she falls off her bike, which leads to a slight thaw between the feuding friends.

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