Libby talks to Toadie about getting the paperwork ready so her and Dan can buy Steph’s house, promising Karl she’ll tell Dan. Ben overhears that they are moving in to a new house and is excited he will finally have his own room. Libby decides she needs to bring Dan up-to-date with the arrangement, however before she gets to speak to Dan the bank rings to tell her about a large amount of money being withdrawn from their account.

Excitement builds in the Ramsay House as Kate’s showcase performance at the Ministry of Dance approaches. Sophie gets an invitation in the mail to attend an awards ceremony where she will be getting a school award for writing, but it’s on the same day as Kate’s dance audition. Sophie’s determined to keep it a secret, knowing Kate would give up her performance to be there for her at the presentation and asks Harry not to say anything.

Donna can’t bring herself to admit she stole a designer’s idea from the internet, even to Ringo. However, Ringo senses she’s in trouble and he encourages her to come up with a better design to give to Saffron. She works hard, using Sophie as a model, to come up with an idea Saffron will prefer over the stolen one she wants to use! But Saffron’s set on using her original look.

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