After both Dan and Lucas confide their feelings for her, Libby is left facing an almost impossible choice between two very different brothers. But after Susan advises her to trust her instincts, Libby makes a choice – Ben. Meanwhile, Dan and Lucas’s rivalry turns disastrous when Dan demands Lucas leave Erinsborough. In the scuffle that follows, Lucas ends up dangling over the side of his warehouse rooftop. Dan is his only hope – but will he come to his brother’s rescue?

Susan tells Paul and Elle how unhappy she is about the story he ran about Rachel and Angus. Elle later lays into her dad for a new story he prints about Susan. But Paul insists his stories are newsworthy.

Steve and Miranda fake a reconciliation and invite Bridget to come home in order for her to get back on track at school. But do they secretly want to get back together for real? Meanwhile, Bridget and Declan debate taking their relationship to the next level.

Also, an upset Rachel is determined not to burden her friends and family in the aftermath of her devastating affair with Angus.

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