Libby and Sam wait anxiously as Dan is rushed to hospital for surgery. Libby worries how Sam will cope with the stress and Sam is further tested when Dan asks to see Libby after his operation. Although Dan declares his love for Libby, she rejects him, telling him he must heal his past issues with Sam first.

After persuasion from Miranda, Steve reluctantly tells Ned about their father, knowing it will destroy Ned’s idealised vision of their home life. Worried he has destroyed his relationship with Ned, he is relieved when Ned appears to be OK with the information.

Unsettled by the events in the mineshaft, Marco decides it’s time to pursue his dream. After hearing that Lou is thinking about selling the General Store, Marco gets excited about making a fresh start and stepping out of his dad’s shadow. But can he break the family tradition and his dad’s heart by leaving the family business?

As Carmella prepares to head off to Italy with Chloe, she draws up a roster allowing Oliver and Marco to spend time with the baby. However, when a sudden meeting leaves Oliver unable to spend much time with Chlloe, he asks Marco to help out, testing his generosity.

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