Frustrated by Ben’s desire to hang out with his role model Dan, Libby forbids him to do so and takes out her irritation on her son when he spills paint on Steph’s carpet. Steph calms Libby down, and Libby explains she’s trying to protect herself and Ben from becoming too close to Dan.

But Ben is fed up with his mum’s snappy attitude and takes Charlie off to play. Things go wrong though when the drain they’re playing in is parked on by Marco’s truck, trapping the boys. A frantic Steph and Libby enlist the neighbours to help search for them, as the threat of heavy rain looms, leaving the boys in terrible danger.

Lou is conflicted about selling the General Store, and at the last minute adds some clauses to the sale contract, which leaves Frazer and Marco obliged to keep him on as employee. Lou is relieved he still has a role to play, but is unaware the boys plan big changes to the legacy he and Harold have worked hard to build.

Meanwhile, Marco tells Frazer his family are unaware of his plans and he hasn’t actually left the family business. Despite his reservations, Frazer agrees to keep his secret.

Also, Dan is clearly besotted with two women.

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