Following the hard time Libby had coping with her marriage break-up, her family and friends wonder how she will handle going back to work. Libby resolves not to let the stress of her job get to her. But when Andrew, Harry and Summer create a perfect storm of school mayhem, Libby’s resolve to stay calm is sorely tested.

Zeke’s time doing Community Service gets a whole lot more interesting when he runs into old flame Mia. He is surprised to find out that the savvy leader of the animal activist group got caught. He is even more surprised to learn the experience has taken the edge off her radicalism. Zeke resolves to win back Mia’s heart, but when Karl doesn’t believe Mia has reformed, Zeke finds himself having to choose between his girlfriend and his family.

Summer flaunts school rules to set in motion a payback campaign against Andrew. He and Harry find themselves swamped by disgruntled schoolboys demanding a refund from their bogus romance manual. But when Andrew prompts the angry mob to turn on Summer as well, the three of them are forced to take refuge together.

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