Dan and Libby continue to fight over Dan’s inability to stop supporting Sam and ‘her’ child. But when Dan asks if he should stop looking after Ben as he is not his child, Ben overhears. Dan knows he’s messed up and needs to make it up to Ben but Lucas advises him to give Libby and Ben some space, and instead go for a bike ride.

Libby decides to take matters into her own hands and calls Sam herself to tell her to back off as it’s affecting her family! Susan decides to come to the rescue and storms in on Dan and gives him a piece of her mind. Dan’s concerned – how much will Susan and Karl own them once they’ve bought the house and had the baby?

Lou is back and immediately sets to work to try and turn the store around and organises to have the shelves restocked by his own connections. Paul conspires to break Lyn’s confidence in her new employee and leads Lyn to think that Lou is trying to take the store from underneath her. Lyn sacks Lou, which in turn leads to Lou taking Paul up on his offer to work at Charlie’s. Paul wins this round!

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