Declan decides he’s not able to look after India and retreats into his own despair. When Kate learns that Declan has chosen not to keep India, she tries to convince him otherwise but he’s too devastated to change his mind. After a plea for help from Rebecca, Libby reminds them it’s only been a day…of course he’s not coping!

Libby talks to Declan to give him some advice from her experience, and tries to break through. When Declan asks her how she did it she tells him she doesn’t know, she just did, because Ben needed her. Finally, Declan sees how important it is to both Indy and himself that they stay together. Besides, he promised Bridget he would look after their daughter.

Elle is assigned the Parker accident story, but Lucas urges that this is one story she has to drop. But seeing Steve’s guilt about not knowing if he was responsible, Elle pursues the case. She’s hoping to find evidence that clears Steve’s conscience, but Lucas rules out maintenance issues as a possible cause because the garage serviced the Parker’s car. Elle decides to ask Steph about her role in fixing the Parker’s car, however Steph mistakenly thinks Elle knows about her ill-fated feelings for Lucas – and puts her foot in it.

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