Lyn is adamant that she and Summer will stand by Steph, but unbeknownst to Steph, Summer is suffering the fallout from Steph’s actions and is having to deal with vicious Facebook comments. Summer tries to keep this from Steph but in the heat of the moment she reveals how disappointed she is by Steph’s actions. Steph can see the burden she has made everyone carry, and decides it’s time she faced the music alone.

Natasha scores points against Andrew by parading her well-built but clueless boyfriend Kyle in front of him. In retaliation, Andrew hatches a plan to wag school and pick up Uni girls, but he really needs a wingman for it to work. He leans on Chris, and for a moment success seems to be in his grasp. But Andrew wasn’t counting on the eagle eyes of former Erinsborough High Principal.

When Steph goes to the hospital for a checkup, she is shocked to discover that Dr Doug is unwell and the replacement is none other than Karl Kennedy. However, when Ben comes looking for answers that Libby won’t give him the pressure really shows. When Libby finds Ben at Steph’s she orders him home and when Steph calls out to Libby in pain before falling to the ground, Libby turns her back.