Unable to face losing Dan, Samantha covers her lie by allowing him to believe that she lost their baby. Dan is heartbroken as he mourns the loss of another child. But when Libby accidentally learns from Elle that Samantha was never pregnant in the first place, she feels Dan should know the truth, and after a word with Susan, urges Samantha to come clean. But Samantha can’t bring herself to tell Dan the truth, forcing Libby to take matters into her own hands.

With Steve’s appeal occupying much of his time, Toadie struggles to balance his career and the demands of parenthood as Callum continues to run riot around him. When Elle later accuses Callum of stealing, a defensive Toadie vehemently denies he has done anything wrong, unaware he has a cache of stolen goods in his backpack.

When Susan returns home from hospital, keen to participate in an upcoming drug trial for MS sufferers. Karl thinks it is too much of a risk, telling Susan not to hope for a miracle cure, but Susan won’t give up without a fight.