‘Libby, will you marry me?’

Libby is shocked when Dan backs out of their plans to move in together and Steph has a go at him, telling him he’s got some making up to do! But Dan’s vision of his future with Libby is much grander than just moving into a shared household, and he sets out to prove to Libby he is truly committed to a life with her, and proposes to her in front of friends and family.

Elle gets the shock of her life when she bursts in on Donna and Ringo in a compromising position in a Lassiter’s hotel room. Elle takes on a disciplinary role and tells Donna she has some explaining to do! Elle is determined to show Donna that she is not going to get away with running around like a wild-child while living under her roof!

Toadie finds out Callum was the prank caller just trying to make contact with him. When Aunt Robyn makes a surprise visit she confesses that Callum is not happy with her and wants to live with Toadie. Toadie is thrilled and, with the help of some friends, welcomes Callum back to Ramsay Street. However, Callum plays hard to get, showing Toadie that the ‘Lawman’ won’t be messed with again!

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