Natasha is handing out leaflets to promote her show on PirateNet. However, once in class Libby asks her to stop but Tash carries on. Fed up, Libby gives Tash an after school detention and then a lunchtime one for protesting. When Tash runs to her dad, he changes the lunchtime detention to another after school one, undermining Libby’s authority.

With Michael giving the students free-reign of the air waves, Libby is left gobsmacked when Tash launches ‘Teacher Watch’ giving students the chance to open up if they are having any problems with a teacher. Libby listens on in horror and appeals to Michael for some kind of monitoring power. When Michael disregards Libby’s suggestions one too many times, Libby decides to set a few boundaries of her own.

Donna is desperately trying to impress Prue and goes to extreme measures. When Ringo sees her acting like Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives, he tells her she doesn’t need to act like that, but Donna wants to impress her mother-in-law.

When a heartbroken Kate finally breaks down, Donna has to choose between being there for her friend and impressing Prue. Donna goes after Kate and Prue finally sees the real Donna. The trio leave their tea and cakes and hit Charlie’s for some cocktails!

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