Libby’s relationship with Darren looks set to come under fire when Denise returns home from her honeymoon. Yolande lets slip to Denise that Libby hooked up with Darren after using an internet dating site and Denise later discovers that Libby was arrested for selling Darren’s dodgy DVDs! A furious Denise confronts Libby for going of the rails and decides that it must be Darren’s bad influence.

Stacey has a day of shocks when first she’s confronted by Sean, who has decided to make a reappearance. But the real killer is when Preeti innocently tells Stacey that Max and Tanya have gone on holiday with the girls. Stacey is furious and matters aren’t helped when a hopeful Bradley tells Stacey that he’s split up with Preeti and knows how she must feel after splitting with her older man. Stacey hurries off, hiding her tears.

Rob confronts May and demands to know whether she’s signed the divorce papers. May is ruffled when Rob tells her that he’s with Dawn and always will be and she needs to get over it.

Also, a salesman, Warren (ex-Hollyoaks star Will Mellor) approaches Chelsea in Booty to show her some samples.

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