With Steph back in town, the neighbours wonder what they should say. Toadie advises them to be normal as Steph is trying to get on with her life. However, back at Toadie’s, everyone is watching a DVD when Steph thinks she can hear her baby crying. Realising that it’s all in her mind, she bolts from the house and breaks down.

Kate and Declan continue to bump into each other so he decides to clear the air. However, it’s clear that Kate isn’t interested and tells him to leave her alone.

When Libby arrives at Harold’s she is quick to attack Steph. Not wanting to get into an argument, Steph leaves, followed by Summer. Lucas is left to deal with Libby and tells her he thought she was better than that, before walking out.

Steph and Lucas are watching TV when he starts talking about when he and Dan were kids. Steph breaks down and Lucas comforts her and they kiss. Back at Harold’s, Kate offers her support to Libby and invites her home for some cake and a chat. They arrive home to find Lucas and Steph on the sofa, and when Steph immediately leaves, they know something has happened.

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