Liberty learns the truth about Ethan!

A heartbroken Theresa can’t believe Ethan would do this to her and confides in Liberty that the mystery man she’s been seeing is cheating on her.

Liberty becomes increasingly suspicious that everything Theresa is saying about her mystery man rings a bell and it doesn’t take her long to work out that Theresa’s talking about Ethan.

She immediately hits the roof – confessing she’s been seeing Ethan too. The two girls are furious with each other and get into a catfight, broken up by Will who advises them it’s Ethan who is in the wrong – they need to get even.

A reluctant Will helps Sinead to meet Bart in Relish, but when Diane turns up and catches them together, she hits the roof and grounds Sinead. Turning to Will she tells him how disappointed she is and sacks him.

Also; Duncan and Ricky’s alternative prom is set for disaster when Dodger delivers the party organisers non-alcoholic booze.

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