So, the jury has delivered their verdict – but the real drama isn’t in the courtroom, it’s happening in what appears to be a deserted barn, where nasty Nathan is getting a dose of his own medicine, being taunted by his kidnapper, who is determined to see justice done.

That’s the question on dirty flirty Eve’s lips, too, when Chas returns. Carl said he was going to dump Chas for her, but it doesn’t look like that. Carl can’t keep his hands off Chas and, more to the point, he doesn’t want to. But Eve is not going to put up with being second best.

Rhona’s in a bit of a man mess, too. Marlon’s in love with her, but she thinks she’s in love with Paddy and tells him. Whoa! They’ve only spent one night together and that was fully dressed. Paddy backs off, but Marlon is already suspicious.

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