Ashley and Laurel’s marriage is heading towards stormy waters, thanks to Sally. Laurel wants her to move out and even helps her look for somewhere to live. After a phone call from Vincent, though, Sally turns on the tears and Ashley tells her she can stay as long as she wants. That’s not the worst of it, though… When Vincent turns up at the vicarage looking for Sally, Ashley lies and says she’s not there. He takes Vincent to the church for a chat but doesn’t believe Vincent’s version of his marital problems. Who’s telling the truth, Sally or Vincent?

Meanwhile, there are happy faces at Tug Ghyll, when Charity tells Debbie she’ll be staying in Emmerdale. She still needs some cash, though, and plans to sell her wedding dress and jewellery. Now, who could afford her diamonds? The answer’s in The Woolpack, where Charity and Debbie stage an entertaining show that convinces Maisie to bid £2,000 for Charity’s ring. It’s lovely to see mother and daughter bonding so well… Will it last?

Chas isn’t proving to be a hit on her first day at work but she tells Carl she won’t be hounded out of her job. Is she really tough enough, though?

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