Life’s a beach at the Woolpack

Debbie continues her ploy to gain Scarlett’s trust – and her inheritance – and she offers to take an upset Scarlett for a coffee after Daz gives her the cold-shoulder. Debbie later threatens to sack Daz unless he makes an effort with Scarlett. Carrie has a heart-to-heart with Scarlett and Scarlett decides to quit her ‘job’ at the garage. Debbie tells Scarlett that there’s no hurry to pay her back.

Lexi plots to fix the raffle so that she can get a date with Ross but Chas is angry that Lexi has been flirting with Ross and she tells Diane. Lexi’s plot is left in tatters when Diane punishes Lexi by letting Chas pick the winning ticket and she’s horrified when Sandy is picked to be her date!

Viv and Diane vie to sell the most tickets to their respective Christmas events and Bob finds himself torn between loyalty to his wife and his boss. The pub’s beach BBQ goes down a storm while Viv’s traditional Christmas doesn’t seem to have many customers. Viv storms over to the Woolpack and guilt trips everyone into donating to her charity.

Also, Greg and Mel move their caravan into the village.