Light-fingered Izzy’s money woes get even worse

Izzy’s money woes only grow worse when Gary tells her that his wage won’t be coming through until next week. She tells Katy that she stole from the charity to pay her gas bill. Giving the money to Julie, she’s aware it is £318 short, but the reporter from the Gazette suddenly arrives, making her hesitate about confessing to Julie.

Lloyd is touched when Steve offers to give up fags and booze to help him give up. Although the rift between them is closing, he notices one growing between Jenna and Andrea.

Peter returns from rehab and asks to see his son. Simon is hostile towards his dad, however.

Also, Maddie’s mood plummets when she and Sophie say goodbye to Ben. Tracy tries to talk about wedding venues, but Tina suggests a phone box would suit the amount of friends Tracy has.