Mike has woken from his coma and wouldn’t you know it, Susan’s the last to hear as she’s away with Ian at his cabin.

So Edie wastes no time in slagging her off to Mike, who can’t remember the last two years. Susan tells Ian that the two of them ‘never should have happened’ and rushes to see Mike. Bad move. He tells her he doesn’t know who she is.

Things go from bad to worse for Carlos. Gabrielle is selling his things claiming his alimony isn’t enough for her; so he tells her to save money he should move back in. This goes down like a bottle of flat Pepsi and when she finds him trying to break in, she calls the cops.

Unfortunately, Gabrielle chews them out for taking sides – and she’s the one dragged off in cuffs!

At a school event, a man recognises a newly-returned Andrew, who explains that he was one of Andrew’s ‘clients’. Orson finds out and tells Bree how Andrew earned a living when he was on the streets. She’s appalled, but there’s more to come.

Bree learns that one of Andrew’s clients is a respected doctor. On confronting his wife, she retaliates with the shock news that Bree’s daughter Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher!