Dr Lilah Birdwood is nervous about her upcoming assessment as she treats Jed, a handsome footballer. Malick agrees to let her practise her test procedure on Jed, but when she manages to offend Jed, she’s forced to do her test on a prosthetic limb instead.

Lilah can’t focus and Malick’s forced to fail her. Later, when Lilah comes up with a smart diagnosis for Jed, Ric’s impressed and offers her a second chance to do her test.

This time, Lilah completes the procedure with ease and is so grateful to Ric that she kisses him – and he responds. But will Lilah regret making a move on her boss?

Meanwhile, new CEO Imelda takes a shine to Jac, enjoying the fact she helped cast doubt over Hanssen’s suitability for the job. Jac’s keen to impress her, but gets drawn into a teen pregnancy case, leading Jac to find out just what it means to disobey Imelda…

Also, Serena’s hoping that today’s her last shift on AAU, and is even more delighted when she discovers she’s worked with Imelda before. But it turns out Imelda’s not who Serena thought she was!