Zeke – feeling good about the world and his relationship with Karl in particular – invites Karl to join him on his radio shift. Karl turns out to be a natural, popular with listeners and with the station organisers, and soon, Zeke is struggling to get a word in.

In desperation, Zeke attempts to sabotage Karl, but only succeeds in increasing his popularity and Karl’s offered his own one-hour segment in Zeke’s show. With his private refuge overrun and outshined by Karl, what will Zeke do?

Meanwhile, Lily Allen pops into PirateNet to give a performance!

With Declan’s help, Kate runs her own investigation of Harry’s mysterious absences, worried he’s involved in illicit activities. She organises an intervention to help keep her family together and to get Harry back on track. Offended by her accusation Harry reveals he was working the graveyard shift at the supermarket to pay for dance classes for Kate.

Despite her reservations about dancing again, Kate goes to the class but is quickly confronted by her rusty technique and her teacher’s concern that she has a lot of work to do.

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