Lily and Eli are busted

Sam wakes up in the prison cell feeling lonely and scared and he finally admits to Donna that he was carrying the drugs for Eli. The police turn up at the Dingles and Eli makes a run for it, but he’s captured and arrested. Eli reveals that Lily was growing the cannabis plants for him when the police threaten to plant something at his house.

Meanwhile, Lily discovers that Eli has been arrested and she confesses to Edna about the cannabis farm and also that she gave Edna some cannabis before the dance! Edna is horrified by both admissions and Lily is arrested when Ross finds cannabis in the teapot. Edna ropes Zak into helping her clear the cannabis plants from Home Farm before the police turn up and Lily is released with a caution, while Sam is let off with a fine. Edna asks Lily to leave.

Mel returns a box of Jack’s photos to him after discovering them at Annie’s. Jack reminisces as his goes through the photos, but Mel starts to cry and admits her relationship with Greg is on the rocks. Jack comforts Mel and Victoria sees and later teases him, but he shrugs it off.

Also, Debbie finishes with Eli.