Immie offers to keep Sapphire company as Lily is called to an emergency. But when Karen learns that Sapphire is at their house, she pulls a sickie and dashes home, where she falsely accuses Sapphire of stealing! Karen agrees to cut Sapphire some slack and Sapphire starts to enjoy the Hollins family banter.

Lily gives Karen a dressing down over her treatment of Sapphire, but admits she’s finding it difficult being a parent. Karen understands and as Lily and Sapphire leave together, it looks like their own family unit is starting to emerge.

Smithy greets Ruth at home with a slap-up dinner. Ruth is startled when Smithy admits he’d like to have children with her. Smithy thinks they’d make great parents – but Ruth’s not so sure…

Also, when 14-year-old Courtney goes missing, Rob and Lily discover she was last seen with two well-known young tearaways, Jamie and Kevin. Courtney is found… but her problems have only just begun.

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