With Sapphire asleep at the hospital, Lily pops to The Mill and is amused to find the gang practising their tap dance routine in the staff room. But Charlie’s off with gout – and their audition is that evening! Meanwhile, Lily admits to Daniel that she’s not sure she’s cut out for parenthood and he asks if she’s considered taking time off.

Later, Sapphire is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, but Lily is upset when Sapphire says she wants to leave. Lily begs her to reconsider but Sapphire’s mind is made up so Lily contacts the social worker, who says that Sapphire will have to stay a little while longer before she can be moved.

On leaving the hospital, Lily and Sapphire stop by the rehearsal hall, where they find the tap dance troupe in disarray. But with Lily’s help they pass the audition and everyone is impressed, particularly Sapphire. Later, Lily reveals she’s decided to take some time out – she has other priorities now – and Lily and Sapphire leave united.

Also, Zara finds herself in an awkward position when a desperate husband thinks his wife is having another episode of post-natal psychosis.

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