It’s fair to say junior doctor Lily has been ruffling feathers since her arrival at Holby. From Clinical Lead Zoe to the nurses and reception staff, Lily’s cold and blunt manner hasn’t earned her any friends in the emergency department.

Last week, however, she really crossed the line when she ignored a direct order from her only ally, Doctor Martin Ashford (Strictly Come Dancing contestant Patrick Robinson). Although no harm was done when Lily decided to surgically treat a patient unsupervised, she’s well and truly in Ash’s bad books!

This week, in order to teach Lily a lesson in humility, Ash restricts her to a series of minor and frustrating cases, normally handled by the nursing staff. However, as patients back up, Zoe insists Lily is reinstated as a fully working doctor.

Later in the shift, when Lily suspects an aggressive patient of taking steroids, she turns to Ash for advice, and the pair reaches a new understanding. Is Lily finally changing her ways?

Elsewhere, Robyn’s stepbrother Max makes a bad impression when he turns up late for his first shift as the hospital’s new porter. Max isn’t bothered about upsetting Big Mac, however, as he’s managed to charm Zoe, and even asks her out on a date!

Meanwhile, Big Mac mistakenly thinks his friends at the ED are throwing him a leaving party before he starts his new job on the ambulances.

Guest stars to look out for: Ken Bones, who plays Alan Pitney, the father of murdered PC Emma. Chris Coghill returns as Emma’s guilt-stricken police partner Jack. While Emmerdale’s Susan Penhaligon stars as Emma’s grieving mother, Liz.