It’s Lily’s birthday and the notoriously blunt junior doctor discharges patient Grace Fraser, despite nurse Jamie pointing out Grace is self-medicating her insomnia with pills and alcohol.

With Jamie’s words ringing in her ears, Lily does some research into Grace’s medical history and discovers she was diagnosed for depression months ago but never treated for her illness. Deeply concerned, the normally cold and distant medic calls Grace – just as she’s attempting suicide!

Lily fails to convince Grace to return to the emergency department, however, she bullies a police officer into launching a search for the vulnerable woman. When paramedics rush an unconscious Grace into the ED, the team manage to save her life, and Lily breaths a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Ash has discovered it’s the unpopular medic’s birthday and extends the hand of friendship towards her.

Elsewhere, Fletch is struggling to fill in for Charlie, who’s rushed home to a broken boiler. Exhausted from pulling a double shift, the normally cheery nurse is frustrated when his pregnant wife Nat turns up at the ED to check up on him.

Fletch takes an overdue break to reassure Nat he’s still invested in their marriage and she confesses she’s suspected him of having an affair in the past – oblivious her husband was indeed swept off his feet by colleague Tess!

Although Nat is reassured by their heart-to-heart, professionally it’s resulted in Fletch taking his eye off his work and letting a vulnerable teenager slip through the net. Will it come back to haunt him?