Linda and Britney’s stranger danger!

In the first of two-part Casualty special this week, airing on Saturday and Sunday, Linda’s teenage niece, Britney is being her usual troublesome self this week. When she’s suspended from school, Linda is forced to bring her into work with her, but even from the safety of the hospital staff room, the angry young girl manages to get into deep trouble!

After wheedling the hospital WiFi code from Lenny, she arranges to meet someone she’s met on an Internet chat room. But the man isn’t the 19-year-old he claims to be, but a manipulative and dangerous predator. Lenny spots Britney getting into the car of a man, who looks much older than a teenager…

Meanwhile, Lenny tries to leave unnoticed on his last day, Charlie gets embroiled with a family menaced by loan sharks, and Scarlett’s first meeting with Lloyd’s family is hate at first sight!