Linda fears for the Vic’s future

Linda is getting increasingly nervous about the Vic, especially when Sharon rubs it in Shirley’s face that she’s going to open a wine bar. Pushing for Mick to ask his dad for some money, Linda is frustrated when Mick stands by his promise not to ask Stan because of his and Shirley’s longstanding feud.

After having to get rid of the pies when Johnny worries they could be dog meat, Linda’s day gets even worse when the environmental health inspector turns up and Nancy breaks a water pipe, leaving Linda soaked. When Sharon makes an announcement about the wine bar, Shirley realises there’s no other option, telling Mick they will go to see their dad.

Carol keeps quiet about her hospital appointment. When Bianca worries that Nikki wants Terry back, Carol reassures Bianca that Nikki has set her sights on someone else. In the Vic, Carol is annoyed when her quiet evening with the family is ruined by Terry fighting with David. Carol snaps, updating everyone on her test results.

Also, TJ is shocked when Cindy wants to keep the baby but he promises to be there for her. Kat accidentally lands Tamwar in it with new market inspector Aleks.