Linda gets hurt for her help

Desperate for a fix, heroin addict Annie contacts Linda, who steals some valium to ease the cold turkey. But on leaving Annie’s house, Linda is attacked by Annie’s violent pimp, Damon. When Damon then confronts Annie she hits him with a wine bottle and they both end up in the ED.

But, sneaking away from the ED and arriving at Annie’s house, she’s dismayed to find that Annie has lied to her to get drugs for a friend. And there’s more trouble waiting for Linda outside, where she runs into Annie’s former pimp, Damon, who punches her in the stomach.

Later, Linda is so worried that Annie is getting close to Damon again that she abandons her shift once more to go to Annie’s house. She discovers the teen mum has overdosed. Back at the hospital Annie makes a god recovery but Linda lies to Damon and tells her Annie has died. When Annie asks Linda why she lied, she says she did it get Damon out of her life. She may have lied but at least Damon is out of Annie’s life now.

Linda goes back in to see Annie, but she has disappeared leaving baby Evie in her cradle, along with a note…

Meanwhile, Dylan is shocked to meet new recruit Sam in the ED and it’s clear they have history – especially when Sam mocks Dylan’s claim to be the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of medicine, much to Zoe’s watchful delight!