Linda goes missing

Linda has gone missing after being faced by her rapist, Dean. A worried Mick tries to find out more, leading Dean to make something up to cover his tracks. His story doesn’t quite add up, however, as he tells Mick and Nancy different details.

At Sharon’s house, Linda is waiting for Sharon to return from hospital, as she’s desperate for someone to confide in. When Sharon finally returns home, she mistakes Linda’s tears for worry about Phil. The confusion makes it difficult for Linda to open up to her about the rape. Making her way home, Linda is terrified when Dean corners her, telling her he’d be happy for a repeat of the other night. Linda wonders if she has the courage to tell Mick.

Ronnie thinks she’s made some progress with Charlie, asking him if he’d like to go to the baby scan with her. When Charlie isn’t interested, Ronnie hides her disappointment.