Linda and the Carters welcome Johnny home, but Linda is disappointed when he admits it’s only for a couple of days. Faced with Johnny, Linda feels on edge, as he doesn’t know about what happened with Dean. After the karaoke, Johnny notices Linda’s strange mood. When Linda insists all is fine, Johnny opens up with his own troubles, revealing he’s split up with Gianluca. Linda is encouraged to open up to Johnny about the attack and he comforts her.

Abi is confronted by an angry Phil and Ben, but is rescued by Jack, who whisks his niece away to Dot’s. Unable to let it lie, Phil grabs Abi, taking her to the Arches and forcing her into a car. Jay stops Phil from driving away, telling him to stop. Giving Ben a reality check, Jay points out all this trouble is because Ben won’t admit he’s gay. A worried Jack tells Abi he’s going to take her to her mum’s.

Carmel is frustrated when Masood continues to ignore her, making a big show of apologising to him in front of everyone at The Vic. When Carmel later confronts Masood in an attempt to build bridges he tells her they could never be together, despite Carmel reminding him that this is about Stacey, and not them.

Also, Louise tries to kiss a shocked Jay.