Linda, I’m leaving!

This week Lenny breaks the news of his new job in London to Linda…

Linda feels things are finally coming together with the little family she’s inherited from her drug addict sister. The former party girl has given up booze and one-night stands to look after her niece Britney and nephew Joe – with help and support from work pal Lenny. But little does she know, he’s about to disappear from her life!

The ambitious young doctor has a new job in a forensic pathology lab in London. This week, when Jordan asks Lenny about organising a leaving do, Lenny realises he’s got to tell Linda!

The newly-reformed nurse invites Lenny to join her and the kids on an after-work shopping expedition, followed by pizza, and is delighted when he accepts. Later, however, Linda’s young nephew Joe is taken ill and she’s forced to cancel the shopping trip.

Britney arrives at the hospital in a foul temper and insists Linda takes her shoe shopping. When Lenny intervenes Britney turns on him, and he realises he has to tell Linda he’s leaving and can no longer act as a surrogate father figure to Britney and Joe…

Elsewhere, a group of teenagers is trapped when the roof of a school gym collapses, and paramedics Dixie and Jeff are first on the scene of devastation. As the rest of the school is evacuated, Dixie decides there’s no time to wait for the fire brigade and rushes into the building, where she finds teens Jonas and Alicia.

Jonas insists that no one else was in the gym, which had been out-of-bounds during renovation, but Dixie carries on looking and finds another boy, Isaac, trapped in the rubble. Meanwhile, Tom has arrived from the ED and, when a teacher tells him another girl, Meera, is missing, he and a fire chief also head into danger to rescue her.

Later Alicia’s jealous boyfriend Jonas claims she doesn’t want Tom treating her, so Jordan pulls him off the case for his own safety. Suspicions aroused, Tom refuses to follow orders and makes it his mission to get to the bottom of the boy’s scheming behaviour.