Linda is ready to face Dean

Mick steels himself for Stan’s funeral but when he finds Dean in a family photo he takes the scissors to it and cuts him out. In the Minute Mart, Linda bumps into Shirley, who reveals that Dean is being released from jail and will be at the funeral. When Buster and Shirley bring Dean home from prison, they’re shocked to find Linda waiting for them in Patrick’s living room. She wants to talk…

Cora is worried to learn she’s going to be evicted from her flat. Learning from Abi that Dot doesn’t intend to go to Jim’s funeral, Cora pays Dot a visit in prison. Although they clash, the women eventually come to a mutual understanding about each other’s grief, as Cora encourages Dot to pay her last respects to Jim. Cora returns to the Square and stands up to the Carters, demanding to be in the same car as the family in the funeral cortege.

Carol struggles to write Jim’s eulogy, asking Max for help. When Max announces that he won’t be going to the funeral, Carol is furious and they argue. Realising that it means a lot to Abi, Max changes his mind and agrees to go after all.

Also, Billy enlists Alfie’s help arranging Jim and Stan’s funeral.