Linda gives Babe a final ultimatum over the blackmail money, insisting she pay it back now or she’ll be out on her ear. When Babe is genuinely delayed helping mend a dress for Whitney, Linda assumes she’s stalling. Will Babe be able to plead her case?

Ian gives Stacey a call, asking her to help out a lonely Jane. Touched when Stacey invites her to Elysium for a makeover, Jane soon realises that it was Ian’s doing. When Carmel bumps into Jane she invites her for a drink at The Vic. Despite a good start, Jane ends up being embarrassed. She’s upset further when Ian is even more distant with her.

The Cokers share some exciting news with Billy and Honey. Later, Pam tells Honey she’s glad Simon’s mum never replied to her. Then she gets a message from Diane, who wants to meet up…