Linda leaves Holby as she entered!

Jaws hit the floor last week when Linda revealed she was leaving Holby City Hospital to move to Liverpool to be nearer her family. It’s been an eventful two years since Linda joined the hospital staff in 2011, but now the bubbly nurse is looking forward to the next chapter of her life. And she’s determined to finish her time at Holby in the same way she started – drunk and dishevelled!
Linda spends her last shift looking forward to a boozy send-off before she goes. But some of her colleagues are less than keen, as they know what a night out with party girl Linda can mean!
The feisty nurse puts aside her social plans, however, and switches into professional mode when she treats a patient, Ben, who comes into the emergency department after being attacked by a gang of local kids. Linda chats to Ben and discovers he was clearing out his late father’s house when he went to the rescue of a young girl who was being hassled by thugs. The gang turned on him, and as he tried to escape he crashed his van.
When one of Ben’s attackers is brought in to the ED badly injured, his mouthy mum kicks up a fuss insisting that Ben is going to pay for hurting her son Scott. Linda loses patience with the disruptive mother when she aggressively confronts Ben and, with nothing to lose, the opinionated nurse tells her a few home truths!
Will Linda ruin her last day by being sent home for unprofessional behaviour and miss out on her big send off?